Monday, April 22, 2013

Fake Hot Dogs, Cleaning, and Pick-up Lines

Hey family and friends
this week was absolutely horrible... 

my comp is a bit weak sauce and got really sick... so we had to stay home all week...

ive only stepped foot into my area 4 times. i dont know anyone or anything really
so since i stayed home i took advantage and studied alot... ya a man can only take so much studying... so i stopped and cleaned the apartment

ya the apartment was thug nasty.... the fridge was a nightmare.  Thank goodness for moms... I love you mom for cleaning up my messes.. now im paying for it by cleaning the mess of 3 other people. haha but dont worry im throwing order in this place.

I learned how to make some stroganoff and chili.... we made chili dawgs... so goooood.... we bought a pack of 50 hotdogs for like $8... that can only mean one thing,.... the hotdogs were not just made out of dog... ewww... but drowned in chili they were good

Welllllll finally saturday my comp decided he could do some work... so we went up to the top of the MORRO DA CRUZ (google image that beastly hill) we did a service project with the ward... Elder peters and I cleaned a nasty canal/gutter thing that was filled with mud... we cleaned while my weak sauce comp watched.  It got messy... it was awesome.  But nasty... i found tons of crawdads and frogs in that mud... so cool... then after 4 hours of mud battling we went to our apartment to clean off and to go to lunch with some members...

at lunch i met 8 year old, lorenzo... he gave me some tips on how to get the ladies... so ya... apparently when i meet them i need to ask them
"whats ur name?"  "Hows your family doing?" and "want to go to the cinema?" after that when were at the cinema i need to put my arm on her chair so it LOOKS like i have my arm around her... haha then ya after the date i gotta give her a love letter..  That lorenzo is gonna go far in life i can tell.

Then we started walking to an appointment after lunch and my comp almost fainted.,... apparently he has vertigo.,.. yup so i carried him home and i havent seen the sun since then... yaaaaaaaaaa,,, like i said. my comp is weak sauce.

its also kind of weird how he got all better all of a sudden on Pday...
wellllll the one spiritual highlight of my week was:

I saw a senhora doing some weeding, i felt like i had to go and offer my help... she said no... then we talked to her about who we were... then i felt like i had to just help her... so i knelt down and said "excuse me maam but im not gonna let u do this by yourself"  So i did the weeding for her while she and my weak sauce comp watched.  When i finished i said "thank you for letting me help you." and i started away... she got all confused and asked who we were and stuff like that.  she confessed she thought we were just talk and no walk.  so im glad i felt the spirit and we definitely planted a seed there.... I hope we have another opportunity to teach her.  Welllllll thats my week... i try each day to feel the promptings of the spirit better... im getting pro status

love you and be good
Elder Maynez

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