Monday, April 8, 2013

I Used a Machete...NO BIG DEAL

ay ohhhh
Well not much out the ordinary happened besides:
-we painted our apartment... that was fun... it looks all uneven but no worries it dried and looks pretty good

-uhhhhh had some baptisms but i didnt take very many pics ... my bad... well i dont like how brazilians have 49 names... its kind of annoying sometimes haha

-but the guy in the pic is GEREMIAS... 16 years old. future missionary.  hes awesome and God truly prepared him for us to teach

-ya i think i threw a pic of my bday celebration there... 
-i made a huge cake for the baptism and the gas in our apt ran out so the cake kind of died while we were waiting for some gas.... but i saved it and everybody loved that

chocolate mint mess i made
-then we drank about 5 L of chimarrĂ£o... that was a bad idea... we almost peed ourselves because we were far from members but we found someone who let us use the bathroom... bless that person.... she saved 2 lives that day.

-we had a huge churrasco with geremias... Bordolli n I couldnt really work too hard after because we ate so much we waddled like penguins

-im having withdrawals from dancing ... every once in a while i bust something out while proselyting... haha jk but seriously

-We did a huge service project where we cleaned out a swamp... i felt like the saints cleaning out nauvoo or kirtland... i forget... but ya it was cool because i used a machete and went to business
then ya....

welll thats about it... the only highlights of the week
Im feeling the influence of the spirit everyday its awesome. im learning so muchabout the gospel. my studies are inspired and its amazing how much there is to learn
i love being a missionary and all the experiences are once in a lifetime dealio.... 
so ya
be good and if u see my dad wish him a happy birthday for me ok?
haha k cyaaaa
love Elder Maynez

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