Monday, April 8, 2013

I Dine Like a King...

Just some updates, highlights ya know the usual
-  weekend after conference wow im feeling good... spiritually recharged... conference was amazing... i was forced to watch in portuguese and that was a challenge because the signal wasnt very good and sometimes it would die.... WE watched it in the stake center... 
It was hard to understand everything because:
    1. the signal was bad
    2. i had investigators so i had to explain everything to them
    3. tried to take notes - listened in portguese and wrote in english haha
    4. tried to think of references in the scriptures for every principle taught
ya it was frustrating but it worked out alright.............

-  im being transferred to Porto Alegre the area of porto alegre that has the most hills in the city... thats something to look forward to
-  I was invited by the owner of KRAUSE (a huge store kinda like nordstroms) to go and visit him and his family to speak english and dine with them   That was so incredible.... he is no doubt the richest man in porto alegre... He had a huge mansion and everything... I was a little humble servant of the Lord with dusty feet and he was a big rich man.  I taught him and his family the first lesson and they really like me.  They treated me like a king.  THey asked me what i wanted to eat,,, i chose shrimp and rice and sushi,,,, they made it on the spot.. and the wife has been to france and learned how to cook and all that jazz so the food was amazing... I was getting used to rice and beans haha.... they gave me a huge box of chocolates from switzerland and some liquid gold to drink 

yaaaa.... all i know is i want to baptize them and then we could build a temple in pelotas.... i taught them in english and translated to Portuguese if they didn't understand me.  It was awesome... I still cant believe that i had that opportunity to teach the gospel to him.... They invited me to go boating with them and have lunch with them on Sunday  but alas i couldn't .. i told them my schedule was busy and i made some rich jokes like "Ill have my people contact your people then we can make this happen"  But im being transferred so we´ll see what happens with that family... ahhh that's so crazy

- thats it.... i love my time here as a missionary and each opportunity that i have to teach is a blessing and i treat it sacredly... The greatest service we can render to someone is sharing the gospel.  WE are all so blessed to be living in this dispensation.  We have a living profeta and 12 apostolos ... we have modern revelation;  God does not change.  He continues to answer our prayers and to bless us.  He´s our loving heavenly father.  hes always near and is always ready and willing to bless us...

be good and love ya!
Elder MAynez

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