Monday, April 8, 2013

3/11/2013 Better Luck Next Time

This week went bye so fast....
everything is great.
I´m teaching a lot of people especially some potential missionaries

Theres this kid that has 17 yrs old and ive never seen someone so responsible.  we taught him all the lessons in one day.  He understood everything. Hes gonna be an awesome missionary

We finally found the secret to the work.  Doing splits with the young men preparing for a mission.  IN the ward im in it was destroyed by the missionaries because no one worked or did anything so the confidence the members had in us was zero.

So now were gaining confidence from the members and getting tons of references.... 
im doing some deep doctrine studies with Bordolli and thats really fun.  the more i know the more i dont know. weird huh

the dogs are annoying as ever.  i stepped on one the other day by accident and ya it freaked out so i had to kick it. that silenced it.  haha mom dont worry im ok. the dog isnt hee hee 

im almost fluent... minus the american accent.... i can almost say anything... almost
i understand 98% its awesome. the spirit really does help... 
i love reading the scriptures... im marking the Book of mormon everytime it has a reference to God, CHrist or the spirit.  So far every single page talks about them
I did a study session about food. i looked up all the references to food., the gospel is a feast.  I love it.,  Im gonna start baptizing fat people and use that analogy. haha

Well im sorry but i only have an hour and nothing really happened this week so better luck next time
bye love ya
Elder MAynez

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