Monday, April 8, 2013

Opening a New Mission Area--Or Am I?


We had a training with our mission president and we learned some things on what we could improve, That was cool and all but after the meeting he pulled me aside and we talked...

He asked me if ive ever studied other languages,  i said ya some italian, spanish, japanese, ya know the usual. haha he said that Im gonna open a new area in the "fronteira". there they
speak spanish, portuguese and german.  So the president gave me some books to start learning the 3 languages.... whoa right? so next monday im being shipped to this german settlement to preach
im still shaking from excitement... its so crazy,.,, wish me luck

what else... uhhhh everything is great here im learning so much and the more i learn the more i realize the less i know. nawmsayn? haha but ya im loving this work.  The mission is such a blessing for 
those serving it, its an honor to be a part of something so grand and so marvelous .. freak man im starting to say words ive never used in my life 'grand' and 'marvelous' whatevs.... anyways i love it and im working my hardest because with the truckload of new missionaries that are going to be arriving im gonna be the leader... so i gotta prepare myself like crazy... 
the work is moving forth, the ball is rolling and cant be stopped

the 2nd coming is almost here.  we need to be more prepared than ever

Families need to do family home evening and most of all family prayers.... those are the things that will bless us. 

im so excited for the general conference coming up... the prophet is going to speak!!! i hope all of you have a question on your mind that you want answered.  I know i do,.  I find that having questions 
for general conference makes general conference more meaningful.  I love the time i have to serve and i try not to waste a single minute of it,  I am learning more about the gospel and the more understanding
that i have the more joy and happiness i feel.  the more happiness i feel the more i want to share it,.  Those are the words i want to share with you guys... the more we understand gods plan for us
the more we have the desire to share his message.  

#churchistruerthantrue #begood #seekHeavenlyFatherinprayeralways #loveoneanother #thanksforthesupportandlove 

Love you tons,

Elder Maynez

PS Happy April Fools Day... that first paragraph was a lie.... im sorry i shouldnt joke like that,.,, but that was better than saying i got in a fight with thugs and my eye got stabbed out right? 

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