Wednesday, May 8, 2013

4/29 Email

the biggest highlight of the week was stake conference... we watched a broadcast with Richard G. Scott and Gary Stevenson and Stanley G. Ellis...

They talked alot about following christ and how we can do that better 
We need to know Gods plan and understand that commandments are for our benefit.
We need to follow the profeta... are we listening to him and learning what he teaches?
and we need to be constantly serving our neighbors... do we think "whos missing at church?", "who hasnt been for a while?" 

Then Richard G. Scott talked about how we neeeeeed to pray
we need to understand whats right for us.... it was an awesome talk

i loved it... everything is good here in brazil
everyone in my apartment is sick... its not so good. 

i got certified in chimarrĂ£o making... ima certified professional

brazil has some mountees like in canada... the only difference is that the horses here have awesome sweat bands... hahah

wellllllll thats it

Love ya 
Elder Maynez

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