Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love, and a Side of Fries

so whats up?  im alive and i am doing good
i hope all is well back in the US of A...
so this week i did 140 contacts and got 140 addresses to visit.  
its the one thing my whole mission i havent really been too good with.  I mean i did contacts but not like a mad man.
we have a goal for every companionship to do 140 per week....
i did 100 by myself and my comp did 40.  All i know is that i found 3 new families to teach.  ahhh its so cool.

today im going to the temple after this email time :)

welllllll i think thats about it bubby
my knee is fine
im still chubby
but im beautifuller than ever
haha buh bye
with love and a side of fries,
Elder MAynez

Monday, May 20, 2013

New Companion in the House!

welllll this week was crazy,

got a new comp. Elder Gull from Parowan, Utah... hes pretty legit he wants to work hard and thats what i want to do as well so this team is going to be a dream team.

The only downside is that when we´re in the house we tend to speak english because we´re in the house with another companionship that are americans.... its gonna be a mess
4 americans in one apartment = mess

the first night our food cabinet fell off the wall... its situated 2 meters off the ground and in the middle of the night it came crashing down.  we lost a lot of flour and a box of milk was crushed...
yes i said a box of milk.... the milk here comes in boxes... it doesnt go bad after 3 months... cray cray 

but ya we still gotta give the apartment a deep clean

we did some work and some contacting and that was good.... 

i dont know if i ever mentioned her but this woman i taught just got baptized in pelotas!  i was overjoyed when i heard the news

the other greatest news i can tell you readers is that i bought a bonsai tree.... in the middle of city sometimes its nice to see some nature... so ya thats why i bought the tree.

the last highlight was we met a man who plays the accordian.... wow.... i love the accordian i wanna learn that insturment maybe when im back home haha

well be good
do your prayers
never say never #jbeibs
love you all
Elder MAynez

Monday, May 13, 2013

Grandparent Shoutout

Just a random Grandparent shoutout...  I love you guys thank you so much for finding the church and staying strong in it so we could enjoy these blessings :)

so this week bascially i went to the temple this week that was ahhhsum
the session was in portuguese! it was so cool except for the fact that all the voices were lame sauce.... thats all ive got to say about that...
i bought a book of mormon in german... so i may or may not start learning some german ya know to convert those people that speak german....  i´ll probably give up in a week.
Welllll i have been a little sick lately so every night before sleeping i sit at my desk and drink tea while gazing at my bonsai, Taiwani.  I usually feel better after that meditation time.
We have been contacting tons of people lately and we´ve found a bunch of new families to teach.  I decided to be more like Jesus and invite everyone to baptism whether or not they want it.  So ya we had tons of marked baptisms for this week,
next step is to weed out the non-believers... 
Great things are happening because of our faith and diligence.... dont worry im still alive but im barely breathing... mostly because i have to climb a cliff every day and my comp has freaking long legs so me and my stubby legs try to keep up with him.... it gets tiring.. haha
but ya be good i love you guys thanks for the emails and support.
if you write me a letter im sorry but im really slow to respond... but dont worry it will come back some time... 
Love yous guys


well it was good to see u
and as u can tell im a man of little words
but ya im alive and everything is good
im happy and ya.... im turning weird as u guys saw
i no longer stress out so much
i love where im at
its transfer time and im getting a new american team mate
i feel bad because after i talked with u guys i remembered tons of other things i couldve talked about
here are some pictures of that praying mantis
and ya the PIZZA HUT
mhmmm good stuff
well this week was alright
the transfers been kind of a blah... my comp keeps getting sick and not much is getting done but whatevs we´ll see what the new transfer brings
love ya
Elder Maynez

Mother's Day 5/12

It was so good to see Elder Maynez on Sunday! :)

Here are some pics of us Skyping him (+ a video)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pic Overload!

yaaa i have some pictures of doing some service projects... canal cleaning, lots of mud 
painting... i dont even know how my hair got painted white
and i got certified at the school of chimarrão... im certified yo
check out the chique computers i use ... pretty cool huh? touch screeeen

Don't forget to email Elder Maynez at elan.maynez{at}myldsmail{dot}com!!!!

Short n' Sweet

So this week,

TUES- we didnt have a lunch we just drank chimarrão with a member on a mountain... too bad i forgot my camera.  

WED- i was reading an awesome talk.  "our religion is this: save souls.  As members of the Church of latter day saints we are under obligation to help those who have necessities spiritual and fisical.  Then we had a huge lunch with our bishop... we made us salmon.  awesome... i literally ate 3 kilos

THURS-  did a division and nothing went right but i did do a million contacts... hopefully 1 out of a million leads to a baptism.

FRI- did another division with the ZL..... i went running in the morning and almost broke my ankle because i fell in a pothole.... the Lord protected me because I actually received no harm at all... coool... the language is coming pretty easily... no one asks me to repeat myself and everyone is more interested in what i have to say not how i say it :)

SAT- cleaned the chapel... wow that is the dirtiest chapel ive ever seen in my life.... we went to the temple with a lady that was recently baptized but we got lost.... we found an outback steak house #awesome I wanna get the presidents permission to eat there.... 

SUN- HAPPY CINCO DE MAIO!  nothing went right but thats ok.... its part of the learning learning patience on the misison thats for sure

I love the mission and im learning so much and its amazing.  I love it,  The church is so true.
Elder maynez out

4/29 Email

the biggest highlight of the week was stake conference... we watched a broadcast with Richard G. Scott and Gary Stevenson and Stanley G. Ellis...

They talked alot about following christ and how we can do that better 
We need to know Gods plan and understand that commandments are for our benefit.
We need to follow the profeta... are we listening to him and learning what he teaches?
and we need to be constantly serving our neighbors... do we think "whos missing at church?", "who hasnt been for a while?" 

Then Richard G. Scott talked about how we neeeeeed to pray
we need to understand whats right for us.... it was an awesome talk

i loved it... everything is good here in brazil
everyone in my apartment is sick... its not so good. 

i got certified in chimarrão making... ima certified professional

brazil has some mountees like in canada... the only difference is that the horses here have awesome sweat bands... hahah

wellllllll thats it

Love ya 
Elder Maynez