Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm Quote-able

wellllll im still alive. i stressed out the first week but everything is going really well,.  time just flies when ur having fun.  i remember when i came on the mission and i would look at my trainer and be jealous because i wanted to make the members laugh with my jokes.  now im the senior that gets along with the members and makes them laugh.  

there are lots of dificulties and challenges but its good because it makes me work harder and learn more.  i study alot and i am learning so much.  i know when i think and when the spirit helps me think.  

All the members here quote me.  its funny.  im quoteable.  sweeeeeet

well my comp Elder Buhler is still alive.  He´s learning how the mission really is but its alright because i already went through that so i know how to help him not get bummed out, we´re good friends.  he always talks about home and how there were a bunch of cool new songs that came out while i was on my mission.  . .. wow i feel like an old man next to him. its funny

but ya
life is good
mission is better
Love you all!

Elder Maynez

Monday, September 16, 2013

I Almost "Fell" In

1. Serli is the best person ever.  Shes a prophet.  She´s had so many revelations about the temple, baptism, baptisms for the dead and ya.  We baptized her this week. it was awfully special.  the power went out. we sang A LOT of hymns and ya.  it was super special.

2. Just a couple of kids that are extremely hard to take care of in sacrament meeting.  my planner is all marked up with their drawings and yaaaa. . . its a fight but it will all turn out well.

3. there is a lake in my area and the other day there were a group of kids jumping off a bridge.  i almost "fell" in.  ahhhh it was torture!!!!
PS i cut my hair.... never am i gonna cut it again like that.  ahhhhh
love you all!
if you have questions comments concerns or jokes email me!
Elder Maynez 

This is the closet that takes me to Narnia. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fiesta Del Taco...

1. smores party with Laurinha!  haha shes so cute! she´s addicted to hersheys chocolate.  its gonna be my fault if she grows up and becomes obese.  

2. We had an activity for the youth and young single adults. . . mhmmm fiesta! del taco. . . it was super good.  my comp made the best guacamole ever.  PS did u know here in brasil they eat avocados with lime juice and sugar?  weiiird but in a good kind of way.

3. Butiá!  this is my area as of now. 
4.  We donated a box of book of mormons or books of mormon. whatever.  we donated a box to the public library.  so theyre gonna the dirty work for us (theyre gonna give the books away to people who come into the library!)

there was a parade.   for brasil independence day.  it was cool. i had to take some pictures.

the first 2 are of a cake.  it looks like he lost a bet and had to walk around in that cake costume.  poor guy

the next 2 are of a kid that got picked to be a horse or donkey idk.  he didnt look too happy to be there.

the last one is a kid dressed up as a devil.  idk why.  i dont know what the devil has to do with brasil´s independence.   

that was my week basically :) 


family nights

motorcycle made of wood

chimarrão partayyyy

My Favoritest of Scriptures. . .

alma 36:3 has become one of my most favoritest scriptures.... it says
"And now, O my son Helaman, behold, thou art in thy youth, and therefore, I beseech of thee that thou wilt hear my words and learn of me; for I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day."

We, missionaries, are so blessed because we have 2 years where we can learn to have confidence in the Lord.
 I don´t know where or when else i would have learned that.  we have to learn wisdom in our youth because when we´re old farts or foggies or whatever you wanna call us we are going have our habits developed and from what i´ve learned on the mission you can´t teach old dogs new tricks....  when we learn to trust in God when we´re young laddies we will be able to know where to look for support in our darkest hours of desperation.  
other than that i am still alive and still having a good time... this week was challenging because it rained A LOT. and the roads are made of dirt so we were covered in mud.... we tried to teach but to no avail because who would let two muddy strangers in their house?  haha yaaaaa

its all good though.... its a part of the mission i was the one who signed up for this....

we had stake conference.... our branch rented a huge black spy bus... that was cool..... but ya on the way home i dozed off and next thing i know the kid next to me started a puke fest.... thank goodness he didnt get any on my suit.... haha but ya it was really really chunky.... i hope u guys are reading this as u eat lunch.... but ya i helped him out and then after a few more minutes he was at it again.... yaaaaa..... poor kid.... then after that his sister decided to join the party.... that family has weird genetics... they shouldnt get on buses.... and i feel really really bad for the people that have to clean that bus up afterwards.... one thing i have certainty.... that company is never gonna rent a bus to the Mormons ever again.;... hahaha 

welllllll be good i love you all and thanks again for the support!