Monday, April 22, 2013

Poop on the Bed & Stair Killers

whoaaa well i got transfered (yes!) to the área "Intercap II" located in the neighborhood "Partenon" which is in Porto Alegre
on the bus ride here i met a crazy lady who performed a rap for me about Jeremias the prophet... she started yelling and stuff on the bus,... everyone looked at me wondering why i made her sing the rap haha... it was awkward sauce.
Got to the RODOVIARIA (i dont know the word in english) in Porto Alegre and met up with tons of missionaries that were being transferred. it was cool to see a bunch of priesthood power all focused in one little área. haha
went with the presidente to go find my companion... and then we went to our apartment... theres 4 missionaries in this apt too..... it was a mess... i cleaned everything and started to unpack....
my apt is right next to a CARREFOUR, a really cool supermarket walmart dealio thing where they have a band of employees on rollerskates.  It was really cool to go there. 
my área is really cool.  Theres a guy who designs logos thats making a logo for me.... a woman gave me a sandwich fo fwee (not fo fee, fo fwee).... yaaaa.  the área is crazy.  its got a huge catholic campus (im here now emailing and the computers are touch screen whats up!) The main points of the área are the hills (hills steeper and bigger than hills in san fran) and the favelas  (google image that word).... its really sketch. no worries mom i take care of myself... im already friends with half the gangstas here. haha
I´ve met a lot of crazy people already....
i met a temple sealer, who used to be a seventy, and jsut talking with him was awesome.  he is waaaay spiritual except when he and his wife bicker. haha they have funny ringtones, one is star wars and the other is superman. cool eh?  well i went to go leave a message with them and he prophecied what scripture i would share,.,,, crazy!!! its not even a common scripture.  I was so impressed and scared.  haha but ya it was good to know that the Spirit, the temple sealer and I were all on the same page haha
So my comp (Elder Fernandes) and another missionary (Elder Marshall) got really sick. so ElderPeters and I went out to work.  I was introduced to some crazy hills and staircases.... 257 stairs almost at a 90 degree angle in 3:09... its a new world record haha... imma try to break 2 minutes by the end of this transfer,  we were dying .... it was a heckish staircase and then there was a beastly hill to top it off.... ya.... my lungs about gave out... haha

The last highlight is that I went into my room and there was a huge poop on my bed.  My sheets were all wet and gross... who does that? so i took the sheets and put the poop on the culprits bed...revenge right? then i realize my comp is filming everything. im like whats going on? haha then i go to wash my sheets with fire but then they stop me and show me it was a prank.... whoa i cant believe i fell for the plastic poop trick..... they got me good haha.... its been a long time since ive seen a good prank haha so ya... the revenge is coming in hot.
Well thats about it... the mission is good, im loving it even more because i know whats going on now.  Im taking initiative and giving 100% to the lord... the only thing we can give to the lord is our will... its the only thing that doesnt belong to him,.,. but when we give it to him he will make us a lot better than what we could ever become by ourselves
I know the church is true.  I know the message we share brings blessings and happiness to those who accept the message and apply the teachings to their lives. ive seen the difference it makes in their lives
God, the Father, and Jesus Christ live and have restored the fulness of the gospel via Joseph Smith.  I know without a doubt that joseph Smith saw god and jesus christ in the sacred grove.  The Book of Mormon is the word of God and we can feel closer to god every day that we read it.  Magnify your callings in the church.  Theres nothing more important than this priveledge that we have to help build gods kingdom.
I love you people and thank you for the support
Well take care and forgive the typos and misspled words.... i cant spell in english as well (its sad i know.. . .)
Elder Maynez

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  1. Elder Maynez!
    Haha I had to buss laugh about the poop trick on you! Glad you get to be in a new area and the new adventure you can have with your new companion also.

    I'm so jelly that now a days you guys have your own blogs and can post on FB and email family AND FRIENDS!!

    Gotta love the climbing hills and stairs man. Gonna get some phatty legs and lean ones that can make you run marathons after the mish. I'm gonna attempt to run the Color Me Rad in SLC in June but havent really trained for it as much... shin splints is killin' meh!

    So Jana is staying here with me in Ptown and Shelby is stayin till May till Aug to go back to TX again. I was gonna record this music with Malachi but it didn't work out.Only had two finals to take this semester so I was done by SAturday.... today is last day of finals and then graduation for most of my friends.

    It's weird to see kids my age graduating when I could've been graduated also if I didn't dally along with finding and going with a major. UGH!
    It's ok I got till April 2014.. so you'll be back by then rigghhhtt?

    Hahaha guess what? Llad is a security officer in the library as of recent. I can't see him being one! hahaha. Had class with him too in business marketing.

    Well Elder EZ-E, I'm hoping to get back to doing solo performance and open mic nights in Ptown to get "IRay" back in the groove now that "JMo" is getting married this summah.

    "I'm flying solo, solo, I'm flying solo, solo...S-O-L-O!!"

    Payce and blessings to you in Porto Allegre,

    Miss you brah,