Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Pretty Much Eat Tucano's Er'y day

soooooohoooooooo i love my mission.  Churrascos (brazilian bbqs) at least 1x a week.  everyone in the ward is awesome.  The Lord really knows me because if those other factors werent so good I´d be miserable.  The work is hard down here in the south.

All I know is I take it 1 day at a time sometimes 1 hour at a time.  I am on a real mission.... the other day i was watching a church dvd and one of the missionaries is complaining and saying "the mission is really tough. i go home and i just collapse on my bed and pass out til the next day." the next scene shows him driving a car. what a sissy... hahah jk jk but seriously.

well i dont want your sympathy i just wanted ur attention.
well My comp, Bordolli, is the man.  We always have deep doctrine discussions and stuff.  THis guy knows alot.  he says a year ago he didnt know anything about the scriptures and now hes out there breaking pastors legs with his words. haha ... welllll 

some things i want to share are:
"STOP AND THINK" if we never stop to think we´ll never know what is really important. we´ll never see the big picture if we dont stop and think about eternal truths.  The Rush of Life the talk by PRes. Monson is excellent. GO n read it.

Well we also talked about the war thats happening around us.  There is a literal war between good and evil.  call me crazy  wait dont call me crazy... We are messengers of truth and we need to give it 100%....  Ya.... I dont even know how to describe

everything that im learning here....
Bordolli said that the mission is symbolic of our mortal lives.... We are with our families but then we have to leave.;.. we have a little going away party... then we show up to the mission, face tons of difficulties, learn, and gain experiences.  THen when our time is up we go back home to where our family is waiting.  Cool huh?

WEll im having so many experiences here on my mission that I never even dreamed I would have.  Im learning so much here and becoming more of a man. yes my facial hair is growing erday.  ..... Well im outta topics.
bye luv ya :)

2.25 Email...Stuff My Mom Shouldn't Read

Feb. 20
      it rained soooooooohoooooo much today.  its been my dream to see a real flood and to swim in it.  After lunch we walked out of the members house and the water was up to our knees.  Mom dont read this next part. 
 I took off my shoes and socks and rolled up my pants.  We waded all the way home in the pouring rain.  I caught a few frogs and diseases but thats about it. haha jk about the diseases.  Well ya The highlight was the 4 of us were walkign and we saw a car that died.  We ran to help the man that was pushing his car in the flood.  My buddy was running behind me and he yelled (translation) "Let us go and help that brother!" haha as he finished that sentence he disappeared.  HE fell into a hole.  The hole literally ate him.  It was up to his chest and he fell perfectly in the middle.  HE didnt hurt himself thank goodness but the man saw and i didnt.  I got to the car and started to help and he said "what are u crazy? go and help your friend!" i turned around and saw the elder struggling to get out of that hole hahaha we all started to laugh it was funny.  I took some pics later that day but the water level went down alot.... 

K mom u can start reading again ha 

Feb. 21
Welllllll HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me.... that bday was pretty ordinary... ive always wanted to see what itd be like if i didnt celebrate my bday one year.... its not that fun.

I woke up at 630 am and studied and worked all day.  Without even mentioning my bday... I worked so hard that day wow haha happy birthday im gonna find a baptism today.... long story short i didnt. ha

luckily for me the other companionship that lives with my comp n I bought a cake and make some treats for me.  We took a few pics and ate some junk food and passed out.  

Feb 22
we went on splits to camaquã ... got a bus and ended up there with the zone leaders we helped the elders over there with the work. it was fun .. . . I did tons of contacts and taught a bunch of people and it was fun.  I met some people that hated the Book of Mormon. wow its sad to see in how much iniquity the world is in.  Wellllll ya i had my first brazilian cheeseburger.... weeeiiiiirrd;.... 

Feb. 23
We got back to Pelotas this day.  We went to the chapel and I learned some sign language.  we have some deaf ppl in our ward so theyre teaching sign language... im learning that and spanish wassup! then i taught and english class... teaching english is hard ... its easy to speak but the moment u have to teach it ya.... game over. haha well i found a phrase that no brazilian can say... REAL WORLD... haha next time u find a brazilian tell them to say that... haha welll

that was my week and i only put in the important parts.  im still trying to read O LIVRO DE MÓRMON ..... im really studying it.  Bah its crazy... you read the conference talks and then the book of mormon and all of a sudden so many new things are realized. its awesome.  I love studying the scriptures ,, , , the more i learn the more i realize i dont know. its frustrating but it just makes me wanna study more and study harder

until next week ... love ya!