Monday, June 30, 2014


im being transferred to Bagé 
im gonna be comps with my cousin elder fairchild.... another asian missionary
Bagé is the coldest area in the mission... this is gonna be fun :)

peace and blessings!
until next week!

Monday, June 23, 2014


hey! im alive!
this week was super fast.  so many things happened!
we baptized two people
Jordana and Luisa 
2 people very special.  
       Jordana is a 12 girl that has wanted to be baptized for 7 months but her mom never let her.  We taught her and convinced her mom.  UNtil the mom said, "fine.... she can be baptized if she passes all her classes."  
we helped her study. we prayed for her.  and she barely passes her classes. Her grades werent the best but she managed to pass!!!   Then we set up the baptism and everything.  Then a few days before the baptism we passed by her house and found out they fought.  The mom wouldnt let her be baptized!  Buuuuuut miracles do happen.  We managed to sweet talk the mom and Jordana was baptized this last saturday!  She helped strengthen my testimony.  Shes proof of a pioneer.  Never lost hope. Kept fighting for what she wanted.  it was very awesome. :)
           Luisa is a daughter of a less active family that was sealed in the temple.  We have worked very hard to bring them to church and we finally are!  Luisa was baptized this weekend as  well.  She is very special and she will help her family be eternal :)
           This week I gave a training to the members of the Priesthood and then later that day another training to the Ward Council.  The first training was super good.  I taught about asking inspired questions to help find out what problems are preventing families come to church.  It was about home teaching.  I talked about an iceberg and all that.  It was super good.  it helped the members understand that its not that hard.  that the visits need to be done because there are lives on the line.  the second training was about reception.  The peple arent understanding that investigators need to be received like a brother or sister.  Why do we even use that title if we dont treat them as such?  
im super happy 
im working my tookus off
all because i read D&C 45:2 by accident.

And again I say, hearken unto my voice, lest death shall overtake you; in an hour when ye think not the summer shall be past, and the harvest ended, and your souls not saved.

gotta work hard until the end!!! i cant take "days off"  i gotta work diligently until the end!  

peace and blessings!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


sorry for the lack of emails... i bet youre all wondering what happened to Elder Maynez...
or not.


this week was interesting.  it rained a lot,. its really cold already and its only autumn here
im excited to see winter... its supposed to be the worst one in years/decades

So a new rule was passed.  we cant watch any soccer games in the world cup.  we have to go home and study.... 

TEMPLE!!! what peace is felt in the temple.
I alwys hate leavin the celestial room and going back to the sad world we live in... 
its good to go there and meditate.  I love the temple.

we´ve been visiting this older woman known as paulina.  shes the grandma of the neighborhood.  she had a stroke and we went to give her a blessing.  
next thing we know her daughter invited us to a "family night".... she said it was gonna be really cool and special.  so we accepted and later that day we went back.

as we walked in we heard lots of gospel music.... hmmmm interesting....
an evangelical church was havign a meeting.  in paulinas house.  there were a few ppl there (10-20 peeps) all shouting hallelujah and amen!  all were swaying to the tasty beat clapping their hands praising the lord.....
so we joined in 
the pastor had 10 revelations in that 30 min meeting.  it was weird.  he said he saw a white horse in front of a lady. he saw an angel touching the heart of some man.  he said someone would be a prophet one day.  
it was a strange experience
then we were given 10 minutes to preach 
we bore our testimonies.   we didnt want to bible bash.  we felt it wouldnt be right

all in all....
the pastor said he always thought we were mean people who didnt respect other religions. that we wanted to convert everyone,,,
so thats when we taught him about the book of mormon and modern day prophets...
he liked the book.... one day we´ll see him again.
he invited us to his meetings.... haha 
our goal is to bptize him and his congregation.

but ya
those were the highlights of the week