Monday, May 13, 2013

Grandparent Shoutout

Just a random Grandparent shoutout...  I love you guys thank you so much for finding the church and staying strong in it so we could enjoy these blessings :)

so this week bascially i went to the temple this week that was ahhhsum
the session was in portuguese! it was so cool except for the fact that all the voices were lame sauce.... thats all ive got to say about that...
i bought a book of mormon in german... so i may or may not start learning some german ya know to convert those people that speak german....  i´ll probably give up in a week.
Welllll i have been a little sick lately so every night before sleeping i sit at my desk and drink tea while gazing at my bonsai, Taiwani.  I usually feel better after that meditation time.
We have been contacting tons of people lately and we´ve found a bunch of new families to teach.  I decided to be more like Jesus and invite everyone to baptism whether or not they want it.  So ya we had tons of marked baptisms for this week,
next step is to weed out the non-believers... 
Great things are happening because of our faith and diligence.... dont worry im still alive but im barely breathing... mostly because i have to climb a cliff every day and my comp has freaking long legs so me and my stubby legs try to keep up with him.... it gets tiring.. haha
but ya be good i love you guys thanks for the emails and support.
if you write me a letter im sorry but im really slow to respond... but dont worry it will come back some time... 
Love yous guys

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