Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Short n' Sweet

So this week,

TUES- we didnt have a lunch we just drank chimarrão with a member on a mountain... too bad i forgot my camera.  

WED- i was reading an awesome talk.  "our religion is this: save souls.  As members of the Church of latter day saints we are under obligation to help those who have necessities spiritual and fisical.  Then we had a huge lunch with our bishop... we made us salmon.  awesome... i literally ate 3 kilos

THURS-  did a division and nothing went right but i did do a million contacts... hopefully 1 out of a million leads to a baptism.

FRI- did another division with the ZL..... i went running in the morning and almost broke my ankle because i fell in a pothole.... the Lord protected me because I actually received no harm at all... coool... the language is coming pretty easily... no one asks me to repeat myself and everyone is more interested in what i have to say not how i say it :)

SAT- cleaned the chapel... wow that is the dirtiest chapel ive ever seen in my life.... we went to the temple with a lady that was recently baptized but we got lost.... we found an outback steak house #awesome I wanna get the presidents permission to eat there.... 

SUN- HAPPY CINCO DE MAIO!  nothing went right but thats ok.... its part of the learning learning patience on the misison thats for sure

I love the mission and im learning so much and its amazing.  I love it,  The church is so true.
Elder maynez out

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