Monday, May 20, 2013

New Companion in the House!

welllll this week was crazy,

got a new comp. Elder Gull from Parowan, Utah... hes pretty legit he wants to work hard and thats what i want to do as well so this team is going to be a dream team.

The only downside is that when we´re in the house we tend to speak english because we´re in the house with another companionship that are americans.... its gonna be a mess
4 americans in one apartment = mess

the first night our food cabinet fell off the wall... its situated 2 meters off the ground and in the middle of the night it came crashing down.  we lost a lot of flour and a box of milk was crushed...
yes i said a box of milk.... the milk here comes in boxes... it doesnt go bad after 3 months... cray cray 

but ya we still gotta give the apartment a deep clean

we did some work and some contacting and that was good.... 

i dont know if i ever mentioned her but this woman i taught just got baptized in pelotas!  i was overjoyed when i heard the news

the other greatest news i can tell you readers is that i bought a bonsai tree.... in the middle of city sometimes its nice to see some nature... so ya thats why i bought the tree.

the last highlight was we met a man who plays the accordian.... wow.... i love the accordian i wanna learn that insturment maybe when im back home haha

well be good
do your prayers
never say never #jbeibs
love you all
Elder MAynez

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  1. Haha gotta love Elan and his randomness! thanks for posting these up!