Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love, and a Side of Fries

so whats up?  im alive and i am doing good
i hope all is well back in the US of A...
so this week i did 140 contacts and got 140 addresses to visit.  
its the one thing my whole mission i havent really been too good with.  I mean i did contacts but not like a mad man.
we have a goal for every companionship to do 140 per week....
i did 100 by myself and my comp did 40.  All i know is that i found 3 new families to teach.  ahhh its so cool.

today im going to the temple after this email time :)

welllllll i think thats about it bubby
my knee is fine
im still chubby
but im beautifuller than ever
haha buh bye
with love and a side of fries,
Elder MAynez

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