Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week #7: Hash-tag-a-go-go

Wooohoooo!   starting week 8!!!  Im basically a scriptorian, a brazilian, and joking..... I love it here.... The spirit is sooooo strong.  It can bench at least 350kilos... ha wow my sense of humor is dead.... well anywhayyyys life is good.  I love learning here.... Im learning so much.  I pray for the Spirit to Help me learn and I can tell the difference from when the Spirit helps me and when I dont pray for help.  I love the scriptures so much.  I´d rather read them than eat......... seriously tho.... crazy.... I love teaching too. 

Sometimes with our fake investigators I just get so into it I wanna start shaking them because they didnt read the book of Mormon.... im like what the heck sir?!?!?!  but then I remember, "Christ never shook nobody"...... so yaaaa....

I went to the temple today and that was awesome.... I love it.... It rained alot today and that was fun because it actually burns ur skin.... cool huh?  lol jk.... Im enjoying my time here and I~ve only got 2 weeks left.... I can hardly wait for the adventure that awaits me....  I wanna go proselyting but i can~t until next week!  Its whatever!  I~know the time will come faster than I think..... these last 8 weeks flew by.  knowing that makes me realize that the 2 years will fly by and that i need to yolo and live each day with no regrets.... I wanna serve 110 percent every day. every hour of every day....  I love brazil.  The people are amazing.  They are so loving.  They have fun sense of humors.....

The other day I had a brazilian friend E. Lavigne line me up.... he used a razor.... a straight up razer blade.... i looked good and I walked out fine.... that was cool

A bunch of districts just left to the field.... i´ve made it a tradition to go to their rooms and sing them songs the night before they leave and have them sign my ukulele..... it helps them calm down.... half of them were peeing their pants but i offered them my testimony and sang them a song of comfort and they were asleep before the song was over.... hahah  good stuff :)

Missions are amazing!  IF you have any desire to go on a mission and youve asked the Lord to know for sure.   then here´s your answer HECK TO THE YA!!!!  haha ok well im out of time to write but id like to leave my hashtags

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