Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week #5: Nawmsayin?!

Hey Hey Hey
   Tudo bem?  well thats about 1/10 billion things i´ve learned here.... Wow I love the CTM. I am learning so much!  It seems like the days are meshing up so lately I´ve been writing in my planner about how the days are different....  "nawmsayn?" -brady parks

   So the scriptures.... Everyone.  You neeeeeeed to read them.  They are UH-MAZING!  I love reading them!  I would rather read and study them than eat!.... oh wait..... hahahah I really do love them though.  Everything from them is just fantastic.  I have been blessed more with the spirit because when I read them I understand them and I am picking up on subtle spiritual messages! 

The other day someone asked me "if your scriptures are holy then why do you mark them up?"  I highlight scriptures that mean something special to me.  In a sense I personalize my scriptures to my needs. 

I love praying.  It helps me be comforted.  it helps me be strengthen.  It helps me focus on the work.  I know with all my heart I can kneel down and pray to Heavenly Father for support.  HE WILL provide.  

So lemme tell u about my experiences.   Today (PDAY) we went to the temple.  Its so pretty, even when acid rain is falling from the purple sky lol.  k the sky is gray not purple.  I went to the Distribution Center with my comp and I bought an oil vial, scripture case, and a primary song book in portuguese.  Imma be playing some primary songs with my uke now :)   que mais?  sei là..... OH YA today we went to a all u can eat buffet.  R$30... i ate all i could.... my buttons are busting at the seams... haha but ya i ate so much meat.  so much loving.... ahhhh ya!  
The other day I taught my instructor how to say "nawmsayn" it was so funny.  too bad shes moving back to Recife.  Its all good though.  She was a great teacher.  Well other than that I dont have anything else to say.   except one more thing.... eu sei que esta obra que eu estou trabalhando em é a obra de Deus.  Eu sei que  esta Igreja é a Igreja de Jesus Cristo. Ele é nosso Pai Celestial e ele quer o que é melhor por nos.  Eu sou grato por esta oportunidade para sevir-Ele.  Eu digo estas coisas em nome de Jesus Cristo.  amém.
Thanks for reading this whole thing.  hehe love you guys and continue being good.  #tchau #churchistrue #studyponderpray
    Elder Elan Maynez


  1. Elder Maynez,

    How are things in Brazil?
    man its been awhile and I miss the feeling of having you... lol! jk but no homo.

    I was talking to Jana the other night and told her " man I miss elan really bad" and she started to laugh! haha but yeah she's dating that kamalu kid now *the one that you said you saw and knew she liked *

    Thanks for letting me read your posts.
    Jealous that its nice weather and warm down south since its freezing cold erryday.

    The music career is going swell actually here for me. My band and I played at guitars unplugged and at velour for a show and at provo beach resort. STill tryna do a collab with that NZ girl that you are friends with. yeah.

    But yeah im goin to NYC this christmas and new years since im not going back home and gonna kick it in the ghettoz and maybe street ball with them hoodlums there. #ballah4life
    I'm stoked to go there in the east coast even tho they got hit pretty bad with the super storm sandy.

    Hows the family? school is almost done... 5 more weeks i think?
    I might write a song about you... dont know what exactly about but if it becomes big, you are the first to know!

    Thanks for being out in the mish. Its wayy cray and insane that all these girls and guys are going on mission now! seriously, everyday I see a new update about someone getting a mission call. ridiculously cray.

    Dude so random thing happened today: so i got called back for this interview for byu lacrosse internship and i talk to this girl to come in for an interview time today. she texted me last night but i was zonkerd.
    anywho, I walk into the office in the RB and I see this cute girl at the reception desk. asked to get interviewed and it happened to be her! I seen her at your farewell and at BYUSA events. I seen her when I was working at Jamba Juice also last year. Turns out that this girl is your friend and you hung out with her a ton your freshman year! WORD! CHELSEA CHEN! WHAT THE COINCIDENCE! yeah i knew who she was already and we talked for a bit and she interviewed me. it was hard for me to realize that your presence and connection with others is everywhere at BYU and provo.
    Cray cray.

    yeah we'll see how it goes if i get the internship and things go well :) any tips? haha

    Hopefully you gettin strong and being the person you are. dont change. the lord will bless you as you continue to work hard and have the spirit. thats the key to success. enjoy all aspects of your mission right now and ESPECIALLY that you are in brazil an not in provo for the mtc. its a unique experience and plus you get to stay brown your whole mission and not pale like us here in utah during winter.

    Love you man and keep it up. #workhardprayhard #yougoelder

  2. Wow Ian way to put me on BLAST! But ELAN I MISS YOUR GUTS. And yes I'm dating Kamalu now haha funny how you'd always stare at him awkwardly cuz you knew I had my eye on him. So embarrassing.

    And yes every girl and their mom is going on a mission now. It's exciting! I'm....prolly gonna just focus on education and be a missionary...without the physical badge. BUT you never know.

    Elan, I can see how much you've matured and progressed. It's a side of you I never really saw haha. Prolly cuz we were always just swimming and being ridiculous so there was never a time that we could just full on talk about the Gospel...but I know that we did a few times!

    I miss our jam seshs and seeing you camping on that library wall 24/7. Also I miss spontaneously going to pools with you. You're such a spazz with one of the best personalities. I say one of them because I'm obviously the best. JK. Not really. Nahnahnahnah.

    Anyways, don't be too troublesome in the CTM! Miss you choke mah braddah. Stay real.