Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Yearrrrr!!!

whoa i havent written since last year! I´m sorry if you were worried... don´t you fret Im fine.  
   Well I´ll start with Christmas...

                 We woke up. studied. got ready. played some guitar.  Lunch time rolled around.  We started our exepedition.  We were scheduled to lunch at a members house who lived at least 8km away.  The sun beat down on us hard.  It was christmas day and at least 100 degrees... Dont forget the fact that Pelotas is the 2nd most humid city in the world.... ok thats something I just heard... im not sure.  Anywhayyyys we  had to stop in the shade because it was so hot.  However the shade was just as hot and the wind was brutal.  it just brought more heat to our sweaty faces.  I thought i was gonna die.  Then our phone rings.  We answer and the worst news ever.  Lunch cancelled.  that point right there was when I was like someone please just carry me back home.  We were all dying..... so after a few minutes of gathering strength we started back to our apartment.  Then the sisters called.  we told them our predicament.... they invited us to their lunch and yaaa.... how gracious, the only downside was that we had to walk an extra 8 km to that house.  but to make my day better we took the onibus!!! yaaaaa.... we had my uke and we just played that in the bus and sang... our christmas was getting better.  Then we arrived to the house.... (fast forward) .... ate a delicious churrasco.... then I tried to play a caviccinho... ukulele type instrument but alot more dumb because I couldnt play it haha.... anywhays the highlight of Christmas was that I talked with my family!!! yaaa they are doing good..... I was so happy to see them,.... So the Christmas day ended up being really good.  
     The next day had some fun highlights...

                  We went to a members house to eat lunch..... we arrived. they forgot. but they let us sit down and watch tv while they prepared a lunch for us..... shhhh dont say anything haha..... well we watched Power Rangers in Space.... the only thing that made it better was that the Ninja turtles were in it too!!! dream come true! it was even better because I understood 75% of what they were saying! hahaha Power Rangers meet the Ninja Turtles in Portuguese,.... who da thunk.... ahhaaha

                  E. Aires and I went on splits today.... E. Aires is such a great missionary.  he´s so outgoing and people just love him.  he makes people feel so good.  I learned so much from him.  I hope to be outgoing like him one day.  Hes very effective.  I loved going on splits with him... He made me teach and bare testimony.... it was really cool because if I ever started to fade he´d help me out and just work it.... yaaaaaaaa.,.... 

     E. Tafarel and I have one investigator that is progressing.  All the other ones are stale.... they dont complete commitments... anywahyyyys this specific investigator bought us yogurt the other day,  shes our neighbor and shes just the sweetest thing.  shes like a grandma to us.  The only downside with her is that we commited her to come to church and we went to go pick her up so we could walk with her and she stood us up!!!!!!  Thats the second time I´ve been stood up by a 57 yr old woman.... hahahahaha jk ok that was the 1st time.  WEll it doesnt matter, i didnt like it..... i´ve never been so bummed! I was so bummed that she was missing out on so much.... next time I see her Im gonna give her a piece of my mind.... hahaha welllllll thats about it thats happened.

     THe walking is horrible.... The weather is worse.... The contacts we make dont want anything to do with us..... but each night I go to my room and pray and I feel like I gave it my all and that I just havent found the elect yet.... maybe i need to search harder? idk.;... Im doing alll i can... I love my mission.  its the true mission.  theres no other place i´d rather be :)  I know that this church is true and that God lives... He directs this church via a living prophet.  THe prophets name is Pres. Thomas S. Monson.  HE was called of GOd and HE converses with GOd.  I know that this gospel is the gospel of Christ, which only through Him can we be saved and receive eternal glory if we are baptized and take His name upon us.... i love what I do.... I work hard and work so I wont have regrets 2 years from now.
Much Love from Brazil and Elder MAynez

PS.  THanks to you all for all your letters!!! i really appreciate that you take time out of your days to send me notes :)  The prayers are felt.... Im striving to be like Ammon... A great missionary....  I love you guys and I am here to make you proud but mostly to make God proud! love you!

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