Sunday, December 9, 2012

Email #8: Is This Real Life?

Ay OH!!!
    Wow so im hearing news about weird stuff going on in the states.... whats up with that?  I leave the US for 8 weeks and this is what it turns into?  Well now I have to come back after to years and fix it.... sheesh... hahah well in further news, life is awesome.... I leave the CTM in 6 days and 15 hours.... ohhh ya.... so lemme tell u about my week... it was pretty solid.

     So it rained a lot...  i mean alot as in u step out for 1 minute and you´ll be soaked head to toe.... so what are u supposed to do when it rains that much?  Run in it of course.... I took my sock tie off and grabbed my buddy Elder Spiller and we ran around the track... we ran slow because some elder ran on it while it was wet and slipped and busted his face.  ER visit... haha anywhayyyys everyone was cheering us on... it was so funny... we were half way done then it started hailing.  quarter sized hail pieces... they hurt.  We finished our lap and took shelter under a roof.... we came out victorious... so we thought.... we were celebrating then all of a sudden almost at the exact same time E. Spiller and I looked at each other and started scratchign ourselves... we got super itchy we ran upstairs and got into the showers because this rain isnt noraml rain hahaha glad that happened..

    Que mais... we placed 4 Book of Mormons.... ahhhh ya.... MAyo and i rocked it... it got me so excited for the real missionary work we´ll be doing.
1.  WE talked to a woman washing windows... we got to know her a little bit and she was interested so we gave her a book and committed her to reading it and calling the number.... it was sooohooo cool cuz we did it all in portuguese...
 2.  We were walking down a hecka steep street and i saw this woman staring at us.  I waved and we decided to chat with her.... She worked at a car wash place.  We talked with her and we bore our testimonies to  her and she wanted a book of mormon... this was getting ridiculous because it was too easy hahaha...
 3.  We got rejected by almost 30 ppl but we were still of good cheer then we saw a man in the street.  his car died and he wwas pushing it.  we helped him and he jumped in and steered the car to the curb.  he parked and said thank you.  we said no problem and have a good day.... we walked away and were like what 20 yds away then we asked eachother. Should we go back?  haha we ran back and while running we heard his car trying to start.  I prayed, "please dont let his car start yet!"  so we made it and i said "we forgot to give u a present!" hahah lame i know... buuuuuut it worked... he said he would love to read it and i bore my testimony and we walked away... he went back to trying to start his car and it worked.... first try... awesome huh.
 4.  WE gave a presbetarian woman a book... she said "without god I am nothing!" we testified of how true it was... Gave her a book and invited her to church.
  I can~t believe how much fun i had doing that.... Mayo n I prayed before so that the Lord would guide our feet to people who would want to hear our message.... WE had faith and we went and walked with faith.  We talked to a lot of people.  We got rejected by alot of people.  We invited alot of peolpe to church.  It was amazing though.... we found 4 ppl who wanted the Book of Mormon.  I know without god I am nothing so I boast in his strength not mine.  Alma 26.12..... This church is so true.  I cant wait until Im in the field doing real work.  as for now i gotta study as much as i can so i can be more and more prepared!!!! I love it!!!
Much love from Brazil and especially Elder  Maynez

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