Monday, September 16, 2013

I Almost "Fell" In

1. Serli is the best person ever.  Shes a prophet.  She´s had so many revelations about the temple, baptism, baptisms for the dead and ya.  We baptized her this week. it was awfully special.  the power went out. we sang A LOT of hymns and ya.  it was super special.

2. Just a couple of kids that are extremely hard to take care of in sacrament meeting.  my planner is all marked up with their drawings and yaaaa. . . its a fight but it will all turn out well.

3. there is a lake in my area and the other day there were a group of kids jumping off a bridge.  i almost "fell" in.  ahhhh it was torture!!!!
PS i cut my hair.... never am i gonna cut it again like that.  ahhhhh
love you all!
if you have questions comments concerns or jokes email me!
Elder Maynez 

This is the closet that takes me to Narnia. 

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