Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fiesta Del Taco...

1. smores party with Laurinha!  haha shes so cute! she´s addicted to hersheys chocolate.  its gonna be my fault if she grows up and becomes obese.  

2. We had an activity for the youth and young single adults. . . mhmmm fiesta! del taco. . . it was super good.  my comp made the best guacamole ever.  PS did u know here in brasil they eat avocados with lime juice and sugar?  weiiird but in a good kind of way.

3. Butiá!  this is my area as of now. 
4.  We donated a box of book of mormons or books of mormon. whatever.  we donated a box to the public library.  so theyre gonna the dirty work for us (theyre gonna give the books away to people who come into the library!)

there was a parade.   for brasil independence day.  it was cool. i had to take some pictures.

the first 2 are of a cake.  it looks like he lost a bet and had to walk around in that cake costume.  poor guy

the next 2 are of a kid that got picked to be a horse or donkey idk.  he didnt look too happy to be there.

the last one is a kid dressed up as a devil.  idk why.  i dont know what the devil has to do with brasil´s independence.   

that was my week basically :) 

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