Monday, July 1, 2013

I've Got Juice in My Blood...

Happy early independence day :)
 im gonna download the american anthem and blast it on july 4th at 630 am
thatll make my chilean comp happy haha
no but seriously i will
well im all transferred to BUTIÁ... a small town in the middle of nowhere.;..its a good thing that i have learned german because the majority of these people are german descent and the gpas and gmas are german!
haha welll nayways i had a good week.... we had a party at the "chapel" (a little house with a podium)  it was fun .... before i had to help prepare a drink called quentão... genereally its made with wine but they decided to make it with grape juice and natural orange juice.
they appointed me as official juicer... so they gave me 400 oranges and a little electric juicer... i cut all the oranges in half and started my job.... i juiced about 3 oranges and then yaaaa the juicer decided to take a break.... so i was left there by alone with my two hands.... never again will i juice something.... it took forever! i had so much juice on my shirt, tie and in my blood... all that juice diffused through my skin into my blood stream... whoa.... yaaaa...
then the party started i got to know tons of people.... then ya we were having a good time... then all of a sudden there was a lot of hub bub.... 
apparently some hoodlums entered without being detected and stole a few things from people....
we had to go search them out in a car and ya long story short the cops got involved... wow so much drama.... then ya i gave a talk the next day about charity... so ya good stuff huh?  
i cant think of much more of what happened bc so much has happened... and my fingers are cold i cant type fast...
well love ya all and take care
Elder Maynez

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