Monday, July 22, 2013

A Joke and Some Growing Up

so ya... ive got 9 months on the mission.... im learning so much and im realizing how fast the time passes by.  I´ve changed so much in just 9 months.  my priorities have changed and im living a new reality where im putting God in the first place.  It´s amazing the experiences ive had.  

I see differences in the lives of people, between those who put god first and those who trust in the material things.  Unfortunately there are so many ppl who think they have faith in God but when tried their faith crumbles... like a cookie :)

i had the coolest experience this last week... we are working in a new area called minas do leão and as well in butiá. we have 2 towns under our responsiblity.... anyways in minas theres a man (70 yrs old single) we´ve taught him several times, he has never been baptized and he wants to be but he wants to wait a little more.  He is really cool and intelligent. he studies the scriptures a lot.  But the other day he talked with us and said "i think i´ll just stay here in my church, but i enjoyed the time we had together."  i thought that was it, but then he looked at me and asked "you are always looking at me so intensely, what do you see?"  i responded "what i see is," paused and thought... "i see a man who is good, who loves god, but he is missing something.  theres a vacancy in his heart and he doesnt know where to go to fill that hole.  He searches but to no avail..." when i said that the spirit came and testified so strongly... i felt that God had just used me to speak to his child.  sooooohooo cool
it was one of those "you had to be there" experiences....

i made a grown man cry @lex... 

but ya i love the mission... the mission loves me.
it truly is a good preparation for the life post mish... i council people and i see them as my family foreals
well bye...

heres a joke u guys deserve it for reading this email,
whats black white black white black white black white black white black white black white red?
a penguin falling down the stairs... haha
love ya!
elder maynez

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