Monday, July 22, 2013

The Lions Mine: July 8th

Wellllll another week went down... i cant believe how fast it went by
so this week we´ve had some major success.
we´re teaching several families that are progessing greatly...
im so happy for their progress.... we have been working on having the spirit present in every lesson... so far its been working very well... the spirit is the greatest teacher and without him theres no way the people will convert...
we´re starting to open another area called Minas do Leão.;.. the Lion´s Mine!  haha we are received there very well;.. we went to a high school and the principal gave us tons of students addresses so we could go visit the families..  ITs really neat because the town is so small every one knows each other... We´ve met tons of new people and its cool to bring the gospel to people who have never even heard of it.  The only downside is that in the next week or two tons of pastors will be showing up to bible bash with us because we´re taking their congregations away hah its ok ill destory them with my scripture knowledge!
haha #nerd
I love the people here.  there are some real warriors here... people make some amazing changes to accept christ in their lives . and when they forget about the material goods and think about spiritual blessings the change in their lives is incredible.  The church is true.  Joseph smith is the prophet of the restoration.  He translated the Book of mormon.  Thomas s Monson is the ´prohpet in these latter days and i know God lives... he loves us and is always listening to our prayers
Love you all thanks for the support
for any questions, comments, concerns, jokes, or childhood traumas you can contact me at
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Love ya,
Elder maynez

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