Tuesday, June 18, 2013


well ive been working harder than ever... its awesome i got into missionary mode its awesome... 
the only downside.... we had lunch with some members in their apartment complex and as we left the daughter left with us to unlock the door for us.... unfortunately we had to take the elevator,,, 4 guys one girl... lemme correct that 4 missionaries 1 girl and 1 tight elevator,,,, we all squished in reluctantly and ya.... she literally had a 1 foot personal bubble while the rest of us were smashed up against the wall hahaah.... then the door opened and we exploded out like a can of soda.... #girlaphobia #daaaangit
well that was the funny story,... as for the Lords work its rolling.. This area was dead sauce when i came in... now we´ve got tons of baptisms marked.... it seems like we´re never stopping its awesome.... the more i work the faster time passes its crazy.... but ya we´re working with a family right now and everything is going smoothly its awesome.... im so stoked for everything.... i hope that all goes well and that i dont get transferred. we´ll see :)
ill go where the lord wants me to go

 "Fam Bam"
 "I´m on a tree... YAH!"

Cya laters
ELder Maynez

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