Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week #3: Contraband Items and Video Games

Elder Maynez lookin' good and enjoying a treat at Mr. Cheney's! 

day 20.  Almost a month.  We've only lost one person from our district.  We are all still going strong.  Satan is trying to discourage us with portuguese.  IT works 0% of the time, all the time.  I have a bowl of açai sitting next to me and i think its melting.... yup i was right. its melting.  
 so everything here goes by really slow.  Well days go by really slow but weeks go by really fast.  Make sense?  nope. not to me.  well portuguese is coming along.  Its weird though.  I speak fluent (by fluent i mean i don´t struggle a lot) in the ctm but as soon as i step out i become a babbling idiot.  Idk what the dealio is.  so i was smart to take notes durante esta semana da coisas que aconteou que eu quisse escrever sobre.  whoa... i promise i didnt use google translate for any of that.  lol.  Well here are my notes

~~everyone do yourself a favor and look up the "hino nacionale do Brazil".  we sing that er´fireside (so every sunday).  The thing that makes it even cooler is that our presidente da missão plays it on the piano.  he´s kinda old n feeble but as soon as he starts playing .... ya words cant describe.  seriously youtube that right now.  coolest thing eva!

~~I play my ukulele every night and everyone comes in my room and come and listen to me.  I love that i learned how to play.  Not gonna lie but i wouldnt be me without it.  jus sayn...

~~so the other day a guy got locked in his room.  idk how.  the door jammed or something.  anywhayyyys no one could get him out.... so the janitor.  freakn (sorry no other word would suffice) awesome super man just jumped up in the air and kicked the door with both feet.  It looked like a video game. UNREAL.  then the damsel in distress was saved.  hahah highlift of the year so far. 

~~so i have a contraband item (my uke) and one of my roommates has a radio... i can~t turn him in cuz he can turn me in. They know one direction and justin bieber.  The love bob marley and jason mraz.  Well they happened to have Gangnam style on his ipod.  He played it one night and then i got up and started dancing to it.  Thats when we knew that we were perfect roommates for each other lol 
   thats about everything.  You guys are all awesome.  The church is so true,  my testimony is so strong.  almost as strong as my biceps.  lol jk its waaaaay stronger than that.  well keep being good and making good decisions. Return with Honor.  #churchistrue

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  1. hahahaha put that contraband nonsense away!!! hahahaha you would gangam style in the CTM. Ha ha we miss you dude. I got instagram and the first pic was me and bryan with the hashtag #wherestheothersideoftheoreo. Priceless. Work hard man!!