Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Week #1

Dear Bubbs, 

  Im alive and i dont know how to use this keyboard.  All the punctuation is weird. . . . eh whatever.  Well Im ok and everything is good.  I feel like ive been here forever.  for forever. foeva. its not even been a week.  lame sauce.  but ya im learning so much.  they kind of throw you on the ground and expect you to start being a missionary.  it was hard especially with my district especially because they are all 19 yr old boys.  thats all i need to say.  well the mission president and his wife love me.  Maybe they are just nice to everyone. . . nahhhhh they love me.  Well today is my first pday and i went with my companions (im in a trio) to the grocery store and to all sorts of stores.  Im one of the best portuguese speakers in most of the ctm (minus the brazilians) but when we were out in the real world I didnt understand anything.

     I went to a store that had alot of really cool soccer shoes buuuuut i already have some.  The guys inside asked me to do some tricks with a soccer ball they had.  I did my stall and then put it on my neck and did some pushups... Oh ya we went to the Sao Paulo temple today.  IT was awesome.  It was cool because it was in english and i could understand something for once.  I love being here in the CTM because everyone here is on the same team.  They all have the same goal.  So theres really never any contention here unless we have idiots trying to start fights.  That still hasnt happened but im waiting for one.  Theres this one roommate situation where the american boy thinks hes the coolest thing since sliced cheese so he acts all cool.  HIs roommate is the Brazilian Juijitsu national champ.  My money is on the brazilian..  haha welll enough of that.

     The language is easy to understand in the ctm.  out in the real world tho... not so much.  I dont get it.  ITs ok tho.  My ears just need to hear it more.  My testimony is growing so much.  I study all day every day.  Its crazy.  I went from a bum on byu campus to doing something every minute from 6am-1030pm.  Its difficult but this is something where you can see the benefits right away.  I would describe my district, theres only 7 of us. 

Buuuuuuuuuut no one really stands out.  My two companions are elder mayo and elder sly.  Haha mayo and maynez. . . perfect combo.  HEs easy to get along with buuuuuut kinda creepy sometimes.  Its whatever. . . then theres sly.  hes cool.  We have our arguements pretty often because we have similar egos.  ITs ok.  Well live.

      My goodness im tired of sitting down.  I wanna just run around and be out in the sun buuuuut im too lazy to do that.  I do 100 pushups every morning and night.  My chest hurts. . .hehe the ppl here are really good at volleyball.  PS bubby i get your emails and I understand them hehe

     Love you guys so much

    CHurch is almost too true haha jk

       Satan sucks. . . imma do some damage to his plan
      chupa uvas hehe

    Be good... this email is shortish but my time is up and i have 23 seconds to send it.   OMG I feel LIKE IM DEFUSING A BOMB!!!!!   TCHAU


  1. oh man!!! haha I love the fact that his personality is seeping through into his letters!!! I love you dude. I'm not gonna lie, I've felt 127% more productive since you bounced, but then again, I just don't have any friends.... na na na na na. My missionaries are off to Colombia! I'm coming in the summertime to Brazil, keep us posted so that I can bring you something! love you dude. Harrah for Israel!


  2. Dude, Elder Maynez
    Life is NOT the same here in Ptown
    I just wanna give a BIG PHATTY shout out for the thanks and much love for this past summer of kickin it and jammin through life. I wouldn't have made this summer awesome without having met you that one day.... haha no homo!
    but fo reals. Keep strong and work hard but play hard. There are so many times I reflect bac and think, "If only..." on my mission but I loved the MTC the entire time I was there and I hope you do too.
    LOve and SERVE your companions. It may be hard at first but that is one thing I would advise you as a good friend to practice on the mission. It will be miracles on the mission and as a companionship. you'll learn so much more about yourself and others.

    Love you man and I am following you now on your blog so watch out!

    Tell your family I want to come over and reminisce with them about you. I dont have their contact info...