Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week 4? Definitely Not Week 23

ay ohhh.... i think this is email 4.... maybe 3. definitely not 23... i know that for a fact...

     soooohooooo my thoughts are super scattered.... i just got back from walking around São Paulo with Elder Mayo.  Its crazy... the drivers are insane.  People are j-walking left and right.  ya.... the upside is that i get to walk around (my legs are basically atrophied) and see new faces and test my portuguese!  i dont like being trapped in the CTM.  I prayed for help to study harder and the Lord has answered that prayer.  I have learned so much.  I love the scriptures.  I have learned so much from them.  I am picking up on so many little insights Im like whoa!!!! whered that even come from?! nawmsayn?  Just moments like that I love.  Those moments keep me going. 

     So more about São Paulo.  Elder Mayo and I explored every single store today.  We were only gone for maybe 1.5 hours but within that time we found all sorts of stuff.  ITs so cool over here.  EVery store played some crazy american music.  One had "Low" bumpin another had some good ole michael jackson.  Ya,....  cool.  I bought some hot dog flavored chips.  just cuz ... no need to explain.  i bought a 1.5 litre water bottle cuz a man can get thirsty down here!  what else.... oh im starting to reap the benefits of being a missionary.  for example... my facial hair is starting to grow faster!  wha wha whats up!  hahaha speaking of hair... tomorrow im getting my first haircut... my hair is getting long... so ya... time to chop it off.  im going to take a before and after picture. haha

     So yesterday Elder Mayo and I woke up and ran a little bit here at the CTM because our legs are so atrophied.... so we´re running on the track and a giant beetle jumped us. i tried to fight it buuuuut it had a mean bob and weave so it was able to escape unscathed.  I could have literally punched it in the face it was that big.  highlight of my week.

    Ahhh this morning my brazilian roommates left!  Elder Mayo, Elder Sly, Elder Crowther and I woke up this morning at 4 am to bid them farewell.... They were some of the coolest people I´ve met.  They both had cool background stories and its neat to meet people who didnt grow up in the church.  its neat to also know that the church is so true that it makes people not only convert but to drop everything to go and serve a mission.  IT was like lehi and the tree of life.  He tasted of the fruit and desired to share it. 

     I love what i do.. i am learning more about the gospel.  I gotta obtain the gospel before I can declare it.  When im outta the CTM i can~t wait to start teaching real people.  I know the Lord has got my back.  I know that with Him miracles can happen. .. .. well i wanan say more but im being kicked off,,,, ahhh man.  I am a slow typist?  well ya just know that as I learn more about the gospel I want to share it with those who werent fortunate to have it their whole life.... good bye I love you guys.  Tahnks for ur support and excuse the typos lol.... #Godspeed #Churchistrue #Aigrejaéverdadeira #atêmaís

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