Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week #2: To Teach Them Is My Real Call...

Week 2 down fo da count!  wow things fly when youre having fun.  Where to start with my adventures?  ok.... so i was cooking na... never mind.  ok so about the CTM.... on a scale of 1-10 ... I love the CTM.  So like a 10.  Everyone here is so cool.  We are all on the same team.  (whos on the Lords side... who who who who. hymn 260)  we all have the same preposito and we all are rocking the same name swag.  PS i feel weird speaking english.  so excuse any typos because im basically braziliero.  So much happens in one week and it all happens so fast so writing emails is hard.  its really hot right now.  I dont like wearing pants but ill do whatever it takes to serve the lord.   

    So im learning to become a missionary.  I love it.  Im learning to become a better teacher,.  I taught swim lessons over the summer so im a good teacher, but now im learning how to teach ppl sobre o evangelho de jesus cristo.  I have two investigators that I teach.  They are my portuguese teachers and they pretend to be investigators.  One is Fátima and the other is Irma.  Fátima is really nice but just not into religion... my comps (elder sly n elder mayo) have almost cracked her lol.   Irma on the other hand is impossible to teach.  She yawns and dozes off while we~re teaching and having her read scriptures. . . .what the what right: sei lá haha.....

     So I~ve got this joke i play on all the brazilians.  I ask them what does "sei lá" mean? they say, "it means i dont know"  Then im like what? you dont know?  dont you speak portuguese?  I keep that going for like 2 min then they get that im playing a joke on me and they love it.  Brazilians are funny ppl.  I blend right in.  except I dont speak portuguese.  If im having this much joy in my life right now just learnign how to serve I cant imagine the joy I will have affecting peoples lives.  Every morning I wake up I know I have another 16 hours to learn and prepare to become the missionary the Lord has called.  I want to make the Lord proud and have him remember why he called me to where he did.  I want to become the best I can be.  I wanna be the very best.  That no one ever was... to teach them is my real test to baptize them is my call.... i will travel across the land. searching far and wide.  each investigator to understand.  The spirit thats inside!!! pokemon! haha i hope some of u caught that and sang along with me.  I used the rest of my time to write that.  Wow...... i need to grow up.  put on my big boy pants and stop using pampers,. 

     Feel free to write me.  I am doing the best i can.  Be good and remember dont run with scissors
     Love Elder Elan Maynez

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