Monday, November 4, 2013


sorry about the lack of emails.... i havent really had time to write an email to everyone lately.... lack of time equals lack of emails.  

lack of time + lack of emails = angry crowd

Anywhhhhayyyys im sorry angry crowd that i havent updated you about my adventures here in Brasil.

The latest things that have gone down are the following:
 - a hurricane . . . i killed that desire i had to go swimming.  I was soaked head to toe.  my bones got wet thats how much rain was dumped here in Buti√°.

- I´m loving the mission more and more and sorry mom that i might not come home because the mission is the only time where i wont have any responsibilities.  No job, no wife or children, no studies to do, etc just me the Lord and his people.  One thing that im learning is that when you´re out and about solving other people´s problems (serving your fellow man: caring, visiting, loving etc) you forget about yourself and your problems. So God can use you to solve his other childrens problems.  and while youre doing the Lords will he´ll solve your problems .... its simple.

We had a conference with Elder Mazzagardi... wow i fell in love with that man haha he´s so spiritual and smart... imma be like that one day.

wellllll after that conference idk what happened but i started to feel like i wasnt the one teaching anymore.  i felt like the Lord has really been using me lately.  I dont teach anymore.  i just testify of what i know to be true and let the spirit do the teaching.

Wellllll thats about it....
any questions comments or concerns talk to my secretary about it.

Elder MAynez

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