Monday, November 25, 2013


1. our baptisms of this week 
   Euclides and Conceição  they are soooohoooo awesome!  i love them so much.  they are Elder Buhler´s first baptisms!  He´ll be able to watch them get sealed while he´s on his mission!  lucky

2. temple trip.... whoa it was sooohooooo awesome.... i loved it so much!  i am so stoked for everything to come... i learned that the only way to come back to the presence of God and become more like him is through trials.... if we dont have tests we wont learn.  so im grateful for my trials and difficulties because i know its making me stronger.

3. i bought a 45 lb watermelon.... it was HUGE!!! her name is melanie... or melony.  hehe

wellll this week is thanksgiving!  i invite you all to think about the blessings you've received... trials, support, etc.  i think of trials as hidden blessings.  we all go through hard things . . . we just gotta remember that we signed up for this in the premortal life haha.... but its alll good turn out fine.  

the other part of the invite is- in your prayers just express thanks... dont ask for anything.  if you do that you´ll see how blessed youve been and you´ll develop humility.... #learnit #applyit #liveit  

well be good and i love you!
Elder Maynez

{pics are coming}

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