Tuesday, October 8, 2013


yaaaaa i went to the beach the other day 
haha the first thing im gonna do when i come home is dive into a pool
anywhayyyyys this week flew by but it was super tiring. we had to get up at 5am erday and catch a bus to go to another area so i could do the interviews baptismals.  That is the coolest thing ever.  I loved it.  I did 4 interviews and wow the spirit was so strong.  to top it all off we were able to watch conferencie geral.  wow sorry i forget how to speak.  anywahyyys we just watch sunday morning and afternoon. it was sooohooooo gooood! 
wellll in the words of our prophet beloved 
let us always be found doing the lords work.  our biggest responsibility is to build the lords kingdom in preparation of the 2nd coming
love ya! 
Elder Maynez

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