Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Don't Run with Scissors!

this week was good.

not many things happened that are worth mentionin

just the same old business... that is teaching and preaching the word to all the creatures of the world
more than that idk what you want to hear.

im still alive...... we´ve been visiting schools and teaching lessons there (we teach the first vision to 20-30 kids) its super cool because now er´body knows who were are and what we´re all about....

the time is flying by

my companion is still chilean and hes doing great in case any of u were wondering
we´ve been studying the pre and post mortal life alot lately.... theres alot of unanswered questions.... but its all good... we´ll know one day.

Be good!
Dont run with scissors!
Dont talk to stranjers!  
love you all!
ELder maynez

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