Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Story of How We "Broke" the Pastor's Legs

Here we go....

Last week i mentioned that we found a family ready to be baptized... bad or good news first? bad news?  well a pastor lives right next to them and he baptized them.... hes been visiting them forever.  Well the good news is we broke his legs.  haha 

we woke up and Elder Bordolli showed me a scripture..... D&C 71:7.  "wherefore confound your enemies; call upon them to meet you both in public and in private; inasmuch as ye are faithful their shame shall be made manifest."  The night before E. Bordolli called the family to comfirm our appointment with them.  Something was wrong... 6pm after our pday we went to the family´s house.  It was raining a lot. mud was sloshing everywhere.  A car splashed us.  Lightning was tracing the clouds.  IT was cool.  We arrived.  We clapped our palms.  Then the daughter showed up with a man and another woman.  We introduced ourselves as servants of the Lord and we went inside and sat down and talked.  The man and woman were pastors..... 

I wanted to sit down and just listen then set him straight.... but my comp isnt like that. he lost control.  haha .   the pastor tried to confound us.  He said Joseph Smith died of AIDs.... That we worship images of CHrist if we have paintings in our chapels.  The Book of Mormon isnt scripture.  and that we´re spiritually blind and need to pray more.  All i know is that no one prays more than us missionaries.  We "broke his legs" like crazy.  

Every time he tried to pin us with something we cornered him and slapped him in the face.  He kept running and running from point to point.... it was crazy..... He finally had enough that he got up and said he had an appointment.  Then we said alright .... we talked a bit more and he said something about ppl dont need to be baptized to be saved.  Thats when we cracked down on him.  He couldnt handle the truth.  HE rain out in the rain.  he literally fled.  He gave us a false number and told us we need to visit him so he can teach us.  Poor man.  Blinded de mais.  He tried to use his age against us.  39yr pastor vs a 20yr old and 19 yr old (neither are fluent in portuguese) hahaha welllll that was the highlight.  its whatever.  I know bible bashing is not good but it had to happen this time.  

I Love the mission. every minute of it.  I know that this is the work of the lord and that he helps us every step.  Sometimes i go home and sit on my bed and dont even know how im gonna wake up at 630 the next day.   but somehow i do and then i walk all day the next day.  idk how it happens.... its all good and its all because Im embarked in the service of the Lord.  Well times up and i hope all is well in the 801. 

#churchistrue #dontgiveup

Love Elder Maynez

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