Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hey My Peeps!

E AÍ MINHA GENTE (Hey My people!)
   let me just start off with saying that Im so happy. 

   Well i got a new companion, Elder Bordolli.  He´s from Mar Del Plata, Argentina.  His small claim to fame is that his friend trained David Archuleta.... ya i know I´m a big deal.  He is a really great missionary.  In these last 5 days I´ve learned so much from him.  With Elder Bordolli I´ve learned that we need to teach with patience, love and kindness.  We´re teaching God´s children.  They all learn in different ways at different paces.  When we sit down and talk with the investigators we gain their trust and love.  I´ve also started doing a lot more work here, the ward, Três Vendas is amazing.  All the members think about is baptisms.  Im so stoked for this transfer.

   We´ve been doing a lot of contacts lately.  Ive met a lot of people who say, oh the Mormons, one of you got really mad at me because I didnt want to hear the message.  I stood there and thought wow... is that what people are remembering?  THats not good haha... I´ve been learning to be positive. ALWAYS.  When we contact someone and they say something like, I dont want to mix religions, then smile and be happy!  AT least they have faith in God!  haha Its the concept of taking what they already have and making it stronger.  

WEll my hour is up.... I want you all to know that Im loving my mission, theres nothing else I´d rather be doing with my life.  Each day my companion and i wake up at 630 am to an alarm on our cellphone saved as "para suas familias, você é um herói." (for their families, you are a hero) Well Im here serving a mission not for me but for the lord.  

THe lord is so gracious that he blesses me more than I can imagine.... I think the scripture im thinking of is D&C 78:17-18.   Its honestly not fair that I´m giving two years of my life to the Lord because I´m really the one gaining.  I am blessed every day.  My family and friends are blessed every day..  I am blessing families here in Brazil with the message of the gospel.  I am learning so much and growing so much.  I wouldnt have these experiences anywhere else in my life.  I know this church is true.

My most sincere condolensces go out to the Griener family. We´re all going to be reunited again with our families with perfect bodies in heaven.  I know that is going to happen with all my heart.  We´re so blessed with the Book of Mormon. Another testament of Christ.  IT truly is the word of God.  We are also blessed with prayer.  Direct communication with our HEavenly FAther.  He lives, he loves us, he knows us each personally.  I know these things to be true without the slightest doubt in my mind. I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ 


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