Monday, January 7, 2013

First Email of 2013!

   2013..... wow I cant believe i´ve actually been alive for almost 20 years!  Never knew i´d make it this far haha... well PARABENS to me.  

 Well as a tradition I made some resolutions.... I guess I´ll share them with you people.... 
                  1. do a good turn daily
                  2.  Always smile
                  3. Count my blessings every week

    Well we taught a few investigators this week.  Its hard because they all are ready and qualified for baptism, but for one reason or another they will not accept the invitation.  I just wanna shake them like a dog. physically no spiritually yes.... we´ll see what happens. 

                So the first investigator is an elderly woman.  She´s been to church at least 7 times.  She loves it.  She´s received all the lessons.  She knows baptism is the only way to enter the kingdom of God.  she knows that via baptism her sins may be made like scarlet again.  I just dont understand why she wont be baptized.  its driving me crazy.  It was the first time i had taught her.  I had met her in church and all the jazz soooohooo ya..... We´ll see what happens.  NExt time I see her Im gonna say some stuff that i mean... give her a piece of my mind.  hahaha that sounds bad but she does need a little shove.  

                So the second investigator is another elderly woman.   Don´t ask why we teach so many of those... trust me i´m looking for families too haha.... anyways shes receiving the lessons really well. The other day I took the lead for teaching her.... We taught the Plan of Salvation.  I taught the premortal life.... then I got excited because everything was going well.... I skipped to why we´re here.... totally skipped adam and Eve... whoops.... haha But I was teaching by the spirit and started making up these cool thoughts (*cough* NERD!)  haha ... The first one was that Christ was the only perfect one on this Earth and He´s the only that deserves a perfect body.... Yet He kept the scars to show people that He has had been resurrected.  So the only perfect man to ever live is the only one who has an imperfect body after this life?  not fair for Him.  But he loves us so much it doesnt matter.  The other thought i had was that (teaching about why we need to be cleansed from sin)  I said that we have perfectly white shirts, everytime we sin we have a stain appear..... just imagine the shame we´d have when we appear before God with a dirty shirt.  We wont even have to say anything our shirt will say it all.... So thats why when we´re baptized our sins are gonezo... God remebers them no more.  

               The last story is cray cray . . ..  we had a reference from a member so after a delicious lunch we went to talk to the family.... The member said that moms says that her son sees spirits... im like whaaaaa? well whatever... so we went and she just straight up fled from us hahah .... but we managed to get her back .... so she answered the door.... we gave our speel she lets us in and we sit down outside.... We are sitting under some bamboo sticks, that supported a clothesline.  We sit down and this demonic dog starts barking up a storm.  It was scary not gonna lie.  She calmed the beast down and said calmly, "this dog bit a chunk out of the last visitors leg..." uhhhhh ya i wanna go do something else.... but no we stayed... So we were introducing ourselves and then the son comes out.... he starts screaming im like "what is going on?"  i was confused.... then he calmed down and sat with his mom and then he started to chew his fingernails.... so we continued to teach.... then all of a sudden he sprang up and cornered a cat and started hissing at it.... i was so lost.... never had i encountered this so i had no idea what to do.,... so i just kept teaching what can u do? haha then the lad found a pen and pretended to stab my companion in the back.... while making the chuckie face.... wow.....  then he disappeared... he had gone and started cutting the clothesline so it would fall and take out my companion.;... this is when i started to think this child is possessed! what do i do? ha luckily it started to rain so we went inside........ we picked up where we left off then after 8 min the child ran in and screamed at the top of his lungs I hate the magro and the gordinho! haha i was just like.... uhhhhh man .... so we continued teaching then he popped in a dvd and watched it.... while we were trying to teach.   It was really crazy... he says ay tio turn around and watch this scene... so i did... he was watching ABE LINCOLN VAMPIRE SLAYER.....  well at least the child calmed down while watching blood and gore.... i must admit that the movie looked cool... buuuuuut i was there to teach not to watch a movie... so i would teach and then the boy would say "ay watch this" hed grab my head and turn it towards the tv... then the spirit said no! then i would turn back and it was just a back and forth dealio.... Long story short Abe Lincoln as a vampire slayer is a ludacris idea.... and that the mom was really interested in our message and that the boy loves us now... he just needed attention i guess..... they werent there when we returned.... buuuut i hope this next time we will be able to teach more.... We´ll figure something out.... we were able to win the friendship of the kid and so thats always good.....  Well thats good...
                     That was my week... it was crazy.... oh ya fast sunday was good too... this ward has so many faithful people... all they do is bear testimony... i couldnt do it because we ran out of time!  haha not a minute of awkward silence.... i love the mission... Im glad to be working with so many awesome people!  Well the things written were the highlights of my week......... oh ya 

PS Leaders and especially my family---- we had a meeting with the ward mission leader (hes a mighty man... reminds of ammon when he teaches) anyways he said thank you to you people who have affected me in any way... he knows that my service here in brazil is as a result of your help.... thanks!!! he also said something really cool "eles que não servem, não servem"  those who dont serve, dont serve.... in other words youre useless unless youre serving... See Mosiah 2:17.... welll thats all!

Be good I love you all.
   special shoutout to Bradley Jarvis.... Hope to see you soon!  this place is awesome!!!!!
              Much love from Brazil and Elder MAynez!

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